How to build a successful B2B mobile app for your business?

How to build a successful B2B mobile app for your business?

Amongst all the different types of apps in the industry, business-to-business (B2B) apps have become one of the most exciting segments
According to Forrester, a US-based research and advisory firm, B2B eCommerce transactions in the U.S. will reach around $1.8 trillion by 2023, which would account for 17% of all B2B sales in the country. With mobile app development getting more streamlined every year, more than 65% of enterprises are estimated to have a plan of launching their own mobile applications.

Why invest in a B2B mobile app?

One of B2B mobile application development’s key advantages is that the competition is not intense yet in this market as very few businesses are opting for the B2B application. The slow adoption of B2B in the mobile app development process is due to various challenges involved, such as the small size of the B2B market, the need for better communication, and robust sales. However, with the emergence of new and innovative technologies, the B2B app adoption started gaining momentum in 2018 and since then continues to demonstrate splendid growth with no signs of slowing.
As the principles of running a B2B company are very much different from running a B2C company, B2B companies generally need to put extra effort in creating their applications, considering the higher level of complexities involved. However, B2B apps bring along more frequent purchases at higher volumes as compared to B2C apps. A B2B app for mobile devices is known for optimizing the real-time purchases of real-time customers. Additionally, the business operations can be improved significantly by leveraging the real-time data collected from B2B apps, a powerful medium to unearth data-driven insights regarding partners, clients, and employees.

What does it take to develop a successful B2B mobile app?

To get the best out of a B2B mobile application, it is imperative to provide massive value to the audience keeping customer requirements, tech-stack solutions, business targets, core objective, and other features in mind.

Flow with the Latest Trends

The on-going or latest trends that align well with the specific client requirements are crucial in stepping in the right direction. The best move forward is by looking at the competitor apps that are already available in the market and examining how they provide value to other businesses. Through robust research and proper planning, you can develop the best-in-class B2B app capable of delivering an enhanced customer experience.

Social Media

Social media is not just for people to connect with their family and friends. It has gained importance in the B2B segment over the last few years as businesses and companies have started leveraging the major social media platforms to stay in touch with their target audience. As a B2B company, you can get the best out of social media platforms by creating pages with crucial information regarding your business, vision, products, services and for sharing images or videos around your brand. Furthermore, you can create and run powerful campaigns targeting smartphone audiences and encourage them to install your application.


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