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According to Statista

of senior execs in technology, media, and telecommunications industries say IoT is critical to some or all lines of their business.

Unlocking Possibilities with IoT Solutions

Smart Connectivity for Seamless Operations
Embrace the future with our IoT solutions that offer smart connectivity, ensuring seamless operations across your business. Experience enhanced efficiency and real-time insights, all at your fingertips.
Tailored Solutions for Varied Sectors
Discover custom IoT solutions designed to cater to a multitude of sectors. From logistics to healthcare, our tailored approach ensures that your business receives the specific IoT innovations it needs to thrive.
Real-Time Data Insights Driving Decisions
Harness the power of real-time data insights provided by our IoT technology. Make informed decisions swiftly, empowering your team with the knowledge to act decisively in a rapidly evolving business landscape.
Scalable and Future-Ready Infrastructure
Our IoT solutions are built with scalability in mind, ensuring that your infrastructure can adapt to the evolving needs of your business. Stay future-ready with a robust and flexible IoT foundation.
Enhanced Security for Peace of Mind
Security is our priority. With IoT solutions fortified against potential threats, you can operate with peace of mind, knowing that your data and connected devices are safeguarded from vulnerabilities.
Effortless Integration with Existing Systems
Seamlessly integrate our IoT solutions into your existing systems. We understand the importance of cohesion, and our solutions are designed for effortless integration, minimizing disruptions to your current workflow.
Expert Support Every Step of the Way
Partner with a team of experts dedicated to supporting you throughout your IoT journey. From implementation to ongoing optimization, we're here to ensure you get the most out of your IoT investment.

Our IoT Services

Our IoT developers can exploit the capabilities of smart IoT devices and modern cloud computing platforms – including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Bluemix – to deliver highly scalable and efficient systems and processes. We’ll seamlessly integrate connected technologies to transform your enterprise infrastructure, providing secure and stable data exchange, efficient communication between systems and devices, and uncompromised data security.

The use of AI for decision-making within IoT and data analytics is crucial for effective decision-making, especially when it comes to streaming data and real-time analytics associated with edge computing networks. Real-time data is a key value proposition for all use cases, segments and solutions. So, the ability to capture streaming data, determine its valuable attributes and act – in real-time – adds an entirely new dimension to service logic, laying the foundations for IoT Data-as-a-Service and AI-based Decisions-as-a-Service solutions. Our IoT integration framework enables:

We create smart IoT applications for indoor positioning that integrate with sensors, smart devices, middleware platforms and mobile apps. This enables real-time location tracking in vast indoor spaces, with even better accuracy than outdoor GPS. For events companies, Wi-Fi connected IoT systems can enable location-based marketing and help analyse visitor traffic. For logistics, enabling indoor positioning means:

ELEKS offers custom solutions for automating dangerous manual processes – from aircraft checks to industrial facility inspections for the oil, gas, manufacturing and agricultural sectors. We use autonomous, drone-based precision navigation and scanning technology – with high-resolution cameras that can capture even the hardest-to-reach surface data without the need for human access. What’s more, our solutions can operate in GPS-denied locations and your results can integrate with digital twins, for predictive maintenance.

We build custom telematics solutions for collecting and analysing fleet-wide vehicle data, in real time, so you can gain a comprehensive view of fleet efficiency. This allows you to make evidence-based decisions on resource consumption, optimise your asset management process and enable smarter route planning and automated trip logging, to bolster the operational safety of your connected vehicles.

Unveiling the Power of IoT Processes

By embracing IoT processes, businesses embark on a journey of connectivity, efficiency, and innovation, setting the stage for a future where technology seamlessly integrates with operations.


Enhancing Connectivity

IoT processes excel in fostering seamless connectivity. Devices, from logistics to retail and agriculture, communicate efficiently, creating a network that drives operational excellence.


Revolutionizing Logistics

Streamlining supply chain and logistics, IoT optimizes routes, monitors shipments, and enhances overall efficiency. Real-time tracking ensures transparency and boosts customer satisfaction.


Precision in Agriculture

Agriculture witnesses a revolution with IoT precision farming. Smart sensors monitor soil conditions, crop health, and weather patterns, empowering farmers to make data-driven decisions.


Empowering Healthcare

In the healthcare domain, IoT enhances patient care. Wearable devices, remote monitoring, and connected healthcare systems facilitate timely interventions and personalized treatment.

Partner with Nestormind to improve how you deliver patient care

Why choose Nestormind

With our flexible Technology-as-a-service model, we can facilitate even the most unique enterprise infrastructure technology requirements in the cloud. We work with the following cloud provisioning models:

  • A team of certified IoT specialists

    Our team possesses key IoT and data-related certifications, guaranteeing your solution adheres to all industry standards and best practices.

  • Robust data science and analytics expertise

    Our data scientists combine mathematics and software development expertise – a powerful combination for IoT Data-as-a-Service and AI-based Decisions-as-a-Service offerings.

  • R&D team ready to test your most niche ideas

    Our R&D experts are ready to help you validate even the most complex ideas with PoC development and identify the best-fit solution with minimal financial risk.

  • Improved data protection and compliance

    Thanks to comprehensive expertise in cyber security, we deliver IoT solutions in accordance with all industry compliance standards, practices and regulations.

Our partnerships and certifications

We help healthcare institutions of all sizes and specialisms adopt digital transformations powered by data science, blockchain, IoT, Cloud, VR/AR/MR and other modern technologies.

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